We went to another prenatal class the other night. Those things are awesome.

On the one hand, there’s a sort of “this good for me” quality, like medicine. These classes are full of women, just a few men w/ the women, totally a female run space, men introduced by the women and stuff. I like it but I don’t just like it. I imagine bits of it are what it’s like to be a woman in male dominated scenes like punk and the political stuff.

On the other hand they’re just fucking awesome. We spend like an hour and a half being really focused on the fact that we’re going to have a baby. I love that.

The last one was about nutrition and it made me paranoid, not for my wife (I trust her judgment) but for me – I’m a vegetarian but I don’t pay much attention to what I eat. But then today… well, this evening…

I went to the gym. I bouldered for like 15 minutes (they’ve redone all the routes, almost all seem really hard and above my level, but it’s something to aspire to), did a bit of lifting then 25 minute of eliptical machine then a bit more lifting. Weighed myself – down to 205 lbs. Fuck yeah. I was starving to pieces afterward so I got a banana protein shake and a small thing of potato salad and a bottle of water. Then I came home and made some cabbage with butter then a beet with butter. Butter and pepper and cumin seed. Other than the butter, very healthy. More importantly – super fucking delicious. (I hereby laud How To Cook Everything Vegetarian.)