hola amigos, I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I’ve been busy with racing these rats, and let me tell you my rat is SLOW! I went to the gym on Monday. It had been almost a month. First it was cuz I was hurt then I was super busy. Felt good to be back. I took it kind of easy but not too easy. I’ve got a new plan.

Here’s what I need in any gym routine:
– that it be memorable so I don;t forget it
– that it be tiring
– that I be able to show progress so I keep motivated
– that I avoid hurting myself

Here’s the basic idea then. Low weight, lots of repetitions.
First goal on any machine: do repetitions equal the weight on the machine. Second goal: do repetitions equal to the next weight increment available. Third goal: change weight and start back to first goal.

So for instance I did the lat pull down machine chin up style then later pull up style with 60 lbs in it. That’s like nothing. But I could only do 45 reps each, getting to 60 si beyond me right now. Bonus of this is that my forearms got really tired, which means this should be helpful with climbing (forearms are always the first thing to go when I climb).

I’m also going to emphasize cardio more, as I’m sure I need that.

I plan to go back to the gym tomorrow, but I may skip (it’s late and I didn’t get enough sleep last night either, and I have a TON to do, plus I’m rock climbing sunday and I want to be decently awake and have enough work done that I can actually climb). In about 10 days life should ease up a good deal, then I’m going to make the gym a major priority again, including going back to writing my workout summaries on the sheet of paper stuck to the wall by my desk.


That’s another one to add to the what will I do when I get my time back list. I will also read the pregnancy books finally, read v2 of Capital, read stuff for this thing on the common, and watch a lot of TV. And finally buy a lesson book or find some good online lessons for my banjo instead of just fucking around. Oh yeah, and cook. I’m going to cook like a motherfucker. I made an awesome pasta tonight with onions and zuccini and pine nuts and spices, and baked up two big fat beets. Wicked.

Cue Gloria Estefan annnnd (2… 3… 4…) fade to white.

ps- oh shit I can’t beleive I almost forgot, I been meaning to say this… our baby is kicking a lot and she totally responds to our voices, kicks more when we talk to her. It’s the coolest fucking thing in the history of cool things, seriously. The other day I had gone to bed late after a long annoying and had to be up early for another long annoying day and my adorable cute little dog did this adorable cute thing she does where she knocks open the door to my bedroom and leaps onto the bed and start barking at the window because someone somewhere outside might be doing something and she really wants me and them to know that she knows. Fuck I can feel my eyebrows scrunching up just thinking about. So I do what anyone would do, I sit up and shout “get out of here damn it” or “why god why?!” or start sobbing, something like that, I can’t remmeber the details but the point is clear: it’s a crappy way to start your (that is, my) morning, especially when you (that is, me) don’t have to be up for like another 20 minutes. Which also means you (that is, me) have to be up in only 20 minutes. It’s long enough that of course the smart thing to do is try to get a bit more sleep but it’s short enough that the odds are bad and it won’t be enough sleep to really matter so then it’s like what the fuck just get up …. like I said, crappy way to start the morning. I grumble to myself as I lay down. I rest my hand on my wife’s belly and just after my head hits the pillow the baby (her name’s Kit, by the by, short for Kathleen) kicks! The best thing ever and great timing. All the dark clouds melt away, angels sing, a light scent of rose fills my nostrils, a ray of sun shines down except not bright wake you up sun like it’s soothing magic ease you to sleep sun. Like I said, the coolest fucking thing in the history of cool things. Seriously.