Friends, as I have said time and again: beets, fuck yes. Holy divers, beets! So good.

Here’s how I do ’em. Cut off bit of top and bottom, wrap in foil (if it’s more than one beet, all in a bundle). Bake 90 minutes at about 375 degrees. Remove. Carefully slice into 1 inch or so thick slices. Place in frying pan, stir around a tablespoon or half tablespoon of butter, the heat from the beets will melt it. Sprinkle cumin seeds on top. Add a splash of soy sauce or dash of salt, stir once. Shred a bit of mild cheese over the top, and viola! It’s a symphony of good taste.

Tonite I also did a marinated backed tofu (splash of soy sauce, splash of olive oil, splash of sesamee oil, healthy sprinkle of curry powder, bit of red pepper, teaspoon or tablespoon of maple syrup, splash of water, slice into cubes about 1 or 2 inches a side; bake at 375 for 40 or 45 minutes – the marinade will stick or even burn to the bottom of the pan, the tofu will be somewhat crispy).

And I fixed this other dish as an experiment:
A pear, cut in half, remove core. Splash of balsamic vinegar and splash of soy sauce in the pit of each half where the core was, a small pat of butter as well. Wrap each half in foil with the pit facing up (so the melted butter pools). Bake at 375 for 25 minutes. Take out of oven and leave wrapped – it’ll keep cooking in the wrapped foil. Careful you don’t spill the liquid on yourself cuz it’s hot as fuck.

Parsnips chopped into bite sized pieces (they’re a bit stringy if longer), wrap in aluminum foil, back at 375 for about 45 to 50 minutes. Remove from heat.

Unwrap and dump the pear halves into a mixing bow. Chop into smallish bits – it may be so cooked that it’s more of mush than anything else. Dump in a large handful of spinach and/or arugula. Drop in a small pat of butter. Add a pinch of salt or splash of soy sauce (salt brings out the sweetness of the ingredients.) Unwrap and drop parsnips into mixing bowl. Stir. Let sit a bit covered while the heat from the parnips and pears cooks the greens.

The way I did this tonite was to throw everything into the oven all at once. Next time I’m going to start with the beets, prepare the parsnips and pears and tofu, and set a timer for 45 minutes. When that goes off, put the parsnips and tofu into the oven, set time for 20 minutes. When that goes off, put in the pears. Set time for 25 minutes. When that goes off, take it all out the oven and do the last minute prep. The total work is maybe 20 minutes, despite all the waiting and stuff. The waiting is enough time that I could get a whole mess of dishes washed and play a fair bit of Rock Band 2.

I’m real happy with the parsnip/pear thing cuz I totally made that up out of my own imagination. Other folk may have cooked it before but I’d never heard of the idea, I just figured the color was similar so it’d be fun to eat – wouldn’t be immediately clear what was parsnip and what was pear. What I didn’t count on was the parsnips taking on a bit of a pear flavor, which is awesome.

I’m totally bragging here, but damn this was delicious. Seriously. And nutritionally pretty good too – the wrapping and baking preserves some of the nutrients w/ the cooking, and these are some real nutritious foods:






Next time I’m going to do beets with sweet potatoes.