So back here in the What In The Hell (Am I Doing In This Cave) Cave I have a computer monitor that tracks in real time how people found my site, what they’re wearing, and what their last meal was. It’s awesome. Through that device I found this link:

Some discerning well dressed character who had just eaten a tasty meal of corn chowder and sourdough bread, washed down with a natural cola and a dessert of fresh strawberries and cream (me, I’d have had chocolate cake, but I’m not one to judge) posted my lightbulb jokes up for the amusement of others. This fine altruist also listed the following:

The Top 10 Trotskyist Pickup Lines

10 “Hey sweet thang, wanna dictate my proletariat?”
9 “My revolutionary Party has a huge, militant membership – wanna lesson in Entryism?”
8 “Is your father a commisar of production and distribution? Because he surely expropriated some bourgeois diamonds for your eyes/”
7 “Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do you need to be broken of your false consciousness by the vanguard since without us you’re only capable of trade union consciousness?”
6 “Hey baby, If I said you had a peasantry capable of being led by a tiny working class would you hold it against me?”
5 “Wanna see my bra? It’s a size (Provisional)CC.”
4 “Trotsky was all for women’s lib, you know… have you heard of Nadezhda Krupskaya?”
3 “Is that a deflected permanent revolution in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”
2 “Like my hairstyle? I’ve done it up like a pimp…”
1 “Are you a girl? Please will you talk to me. I promise not to mention Trotsky.”