I’m back to climbing. I definitely feel like I used to be better at this, but I wasn’t climbing all that long so I should get back to where I was in short order. I’ve found I really like to go to the climbing gym by myself, especially if it’s not crowded. I do more climbing in less time that way, it’s a more efficient form of exercise and I like the focusing part of it. I mean, I like to climb with people too but it’s just a different head space. I particularly like to go when the gym’s not crowded, like I said. I like to do the same routes or route several times, and I’ve started to track numbers of climbs in my notebook. I track attempts and completions. Today I had 8 attempts up the wall and 6 completions. Those were all at 5.7 or 5.7+ level. (Actually, the 2 attempts I didn’t complete were on this one 5.7+, the 6 completions all on this one 5.7.) I also had 8 attempts and 6 completions on a traverse. For folk who don’t know, a traverse is climbing along the bottom of the wall, parallel to the floor, as opposed to climbing up the wall. I was at the gym for an hour and a half or so, maybe two hours tops. The two times I’ve gone on outdoor trips with four or more hours at the site I’ve climbed up maybe 5 or 6 times, so this is about twice the climbing in half the time or less than half. Pretty cool. My immediate or maybe middle-term goal is to get to 10 completions each, at the wall and on the traverse, regardless of how many attempts that requires. I plan to keep going on days and times when I think it’s not likely to be crowded, to go two to three times per week, and to stick mostly with the same routes and in the same difficulty level. After I get the ten and ten I’ll try to climb all the routes in the gym at this level, aiming for the same number of completions. After that I’ll up the difficulty level and pick one route to concentrate on again until I’m back to ten and ten with that. That’s the plan anyhow. It feels really good to be back to climbing.