Post titling convention be damned.

I set a goal recently, trying to get more serious about climbing. Following on from that, a few fitness and medicine related things.

1. I’m going to finally call my old family doctor to see about getting my medical records re: my heart murmur.

2. After I have that info (or I know it’s unavailable) I will see a doctor here to make sure everything’s good and see what they say about long term heart health. When I go, I’m going to bring the info from the gym’s fitness assessment web site and have a conversation with the doctor about fitness. All the machines at all the gyms I’ve ever been to say “see a doctor first” and I never did. So I figure I’ll double check. I’ll also get my pertussis shot, as part of preparing for my daughter’s birth.

3. Then I will get a fitness assessment at the gym. I will use that to set some goals for working out, with the aim of making me a more effective climber. (That involves, among other things: losing a few pounds, getting stronger forearms, more ab/core strength, better endurance and cardio fitness over all.)

4. Then I will take the climbing techniques class at the rock climbing gym.

5. Then I will read the climbing fitness and technique book I got, and get something about Devil’s Tower to help stay motivated.