hey y’all (both of y’all), can I pick your brains a minute? I’ve been meaning to categorize my blog posts for ages now. I started off with categories actually (I started this blog with a pretty defined set of questions and reading list) and was pretty good at keeping my posts categorized but then my interests started to shift and didn’t fit the old categories. A while back I started again re-categorizing but then things shifted further and again the categories didn’t fit (they still fit better than the first set but not fully). Anyhow, question – got any suggestions on the sort of general types of posts that tend to appear on this blog? There’s posts about me (mostly music, exercise, food, and feelings, and maybe books/reading and people I like), there’s politics in the sense of actual work I do other than theoretical work, there’s theoretical stuff tied to politics, there’s stuff on Marx, stuff on philosophy, … uh… what else? Any suggestions? Anyone done much blog post categorizing got tips to follow or mistakes to avoid?