By ‘you’ I mean ‘me’ of course. I was also making an allusion – clever allusionist that I am – to a Green Day song; I found an old mix tape recently, or maybe my wife found it, of hostile songs including that one. Anyhoo –

My blog is turning four! Holy crap! I’ve been doing this thing for a long, long time! That’s crazy!

This is the first ever blog post I did here. I just glanced at it briefly, I find some of it cringe-worthy (I try to maintain a general sense of shame about anything I thought more than 6 months ago, unless I happen to still think it and even then it’s probably best to err on the side of feeling embarrassed) and I really don’t relate to much of it. I do relate a bit at a sort of meta-level, the post was partly me saying “I’m gonna use this blog thing as a way to try to get clearer on some ideas,” and a bit of “I’m going to use this blog thing to make myself write more because writing is terrifying and won’t get less terrifying unless I do it more.” Both of those are still true though I definitely feel a level of progress.

There’s some quote I can’t really remember, about … someone … that they had conducted their education in public. Me too, for better and for worse. No plan to stop for the time being, though.

But yeah, four years. Woot! And if I count the first time around over at interactivist then I hit the four year mark in February. Weird.

In other news, I bought a finger board recently (my internet connection’s being slow or I’d put a link up here). I got it used for a real bargain at the climbing gym. I put it up in the basement at the new place, screwed it to the floor joists. I can do an embarassingly low number of pull ups on it. I’ve started to do flexed arm hangs on it with different numbers of fingers, and negative pull ups, and using a chair a combination of squats/stair steps and pull ups – using both my legs and my upper body. I put a sheet of butcher paper on the wall in the basement and hung a marker near it, to track workouts on it. That will help me measure progress and keep on track. Not where I want to be, but on the road to being there. The cool part is that no matter what I do with the board my forearms get a major work out, which will be a big help with climbing. While I definitely want more upper body strength (and plan to get it!) the reality is that I’ve had way way more climbs limited by my forearms wearing out than my arms and lats. I may put in a small climbing wall in the garage too, buy some plywood and 2x4s at the home improvement store and tack them up to the inside of the garage, then add holds to it to be able to get a quick workout that way at home.