I’ve agreed to do a talk about recent Italian theory that uses the term ‘the common,’ tied to the theme ‘the future of the common.’ I’m not sure what to say, still percolating. Here are some working titles, which get at a bit of the difficulty I’m having:

Commonsunism: A Neologism Appropriate to the Muddle It Names

The Future of the Common is in the Dustbin of History

How I Started Worrying and Learned to Hate the Common

Left-Wing Commonism: A Geriatric Disorder

“I’m not saying we have to use the table of contents for volume one of Capital to circumscribe our theory or our practice, but if we did, hypothetically speaking, what part would you pick and where would you place all this Common(s) stuff? (I’d put it in the intro, or the preparatory material.)”

Against Theoreticist Liquidationist Deviation!

The Bigger the Russian Doll, the Emptier It Is: Remarks on the Recurrent Mistaking of General Determinations for Particular Historical Conditions, Objective for Subjective, Philosophy for Analysis, and Analysis for Politics

If We’re Going To Drink Old Wine Anyway Let’s At Least Admit It And Discuss Which One And Why We Choose It

Common, Commons, Communism

The last is probably the most serious as a real title though the others probably speak more accurately to my disposition.