okay so I got home kinda late from a work thing and my wife was a bit frazzled cuz the baby had been crying a lot and the dog needed to go out and my wife wanted to walk around anyway to decompress so after a while I held the baby and my wife had the dog and the leash and we walked up the street outside. The baby fell asleep. It was nice, we went like 3 blocks up.

On the way back at the corner right by our place while I was entering the crosswalk this white convertible went by and threw something and hit me in the foot. It felt like a snowball. I sort of lost it. I ran into the street part way then followed the car, bellowing at the top of my lungs “I’ve got a fucking baby in my fucking arms motherfuckers” or something to that effect. I kept going up the street to see where they went and I called the cops, a futile effort.

I know, just some idiot teenagers fucking around. If I’d had a gun I’d totally have shot them, I had this like gut level “you remotely threaten my baby I’ll kill your fucking family” reaction.

And so, here’s my argument in favor of gun control.
1. The kids today! Bastards!
3. Therefore, making available the means to kill people in fits of strong emotion is a bad idea.