Man, I’m feeling like I want to say just fuck things man, fuck ’em. Things have never walked with me and co-workers in any confrontations with bosses, or turned out to picket lines, or attended planning meetings or organizer trainings or joined either a mass or political organization I’ve been involved in. They’ve never once knocked on doors or helped do turnout calls to make sure the event goes off, they’ve never offered an analysis of a situation’s objective constraints or the subjective possibilities and needed tasks to achieve our goals. I’m beginning to think that things are self-involved, narcissistic even, and not concerned with issues that we humans face, just because they don’t face those same issues.

What the fuck, things, where’s the love? Why don’t you have our backs? We pay loads of attention to you, but you don’t reciprocate. What’s the deal with that? I thought you had some politics and shit, if so it’s hardly a progressive class politics, let alone a revolutionary one. Things, you’re not my comrade. And objects – you too, you’re basically no different than things.