So I finally finished my dumb damn post about ch24 of Capital 1 – with a whimper not a bang. Christ. That took forfuckingever and a half. Ugh.

It didn’t help that I kept careening in various other directions (why the fuck can’t I fucking concentrate?! [it’s a problem I’ve had for a long time, one way to put it is that I work best at a tangent – when I try to go straight forward I usually list to the right or the left {the left, I hope}, I think it’s partly just that I’m a terrible procrastinator, or rather a really, really good procrastinator – the best way for me to do something is to have something else I ought to be working on {I wonder if this is part of why I like If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler so much, the continual breaking of and interrupting and digressing (by the way, I reread that book again [I’m trying a new thing, trying to read fiction on the bus to work], I didn’t read all of it, I just read the numbered chapters in second person, I skipped the interrupted novel beginnings, I meant to go back and read them at the end but I didn’t. Next time. Next time I’ll just read those.]) and it strikes me that part of what’s fun about that book is the fantasy that the mundane readerly act of buying a book in a bookshop can lead to this worldcrossing adventure full of intrigue and importance. Someone ought to rewrite it for reading online, or for buying a book via an online bookstore.}] and as a result of my lack of concentration I’m really behind on a lot of stuff. On the plus side, I’m further along on, umm, well, there must be something…. Mafia Wars, maybe? Finding cool music videos on youtube?)

I really meant to be working on the ch24 post, and really I meant to be working on the ch25 post, the post on ch24 and on ch23, those were supposed to be quick preliminaries then get right down to it! As it is, those were so involved and took so long that I’m going to need to re-read to even remember what the fuck I wrote. Argh.

Anyway, here’s the plan:
no more fucking around. Below is a start of a post on Hamerquist’s essay on Althusser. I’m going to finish these notes, finish this post. Then I’m going to slowly grind out the post on chapter 25 of v1 of Capital. I may allow myself in the meantime to write a post on some of Hamerquist’s other recent stuff and related stuff. Maybe. But I’m going to write this stupid ch25 post! Then I’m going to finally give Duncan and NP’s posts the proper replies they deserve, which will mean re-reading them. Then I’m going to print out and re-read my posts on chapters 23-25 and see if there’s any threads I want to tie together. From there it’s Marx on real subsumption, and finishing and writing about Hardt and Negri’s newest book Commonwealth. After that, I’m not sure. That’s plenty as it is. I may write a bit here and there about injury law and so on, as I’ve been supposed to be doing for a while now. I may also pick up this or that random bit of Marx, and there’s some Marx biographies I’ve been meaning to read. I also want to seriously read various pieces on left organization and the left in general, and to read documents from the WSM, FdCA, and others, but now I’m getting way too ahead. The main point is: I will finish the ch25 stuff! And I will not fuck around! I will be disciplined! I don’t care how many explanation points it takes! I will! I! in!sist!

Now then.

I actually had intend for this post to be a post of my notes in progress on Hamerquist’s Althusser piece, but now it seems like that’d be stupid. I’m gonna save them to put in their own post. They’re not done yet, I may post them unfinished and work on them over time as I’ve done w/ the post on ch24 (I’ve been working on these for a while, one of the things I’ve been dividing my attention among, reading bits of the article and taking notes) or I may wait until they’re all done then post them finished. I haven’t made up my mind yet.