Trick question. It’s a self-evident good. A shibboleth, if you will.

One of the worst things about having a dog is having to walk the dog. It’s a pain, constantly having to take the dog out. (By ‘constantly’ I mean like a few times a day really.) One of the best things about having a dog is having to walk the dog. Walking the dog gets me out of the house a lot more than I would otherwise, gets me strolling and looking at the trees and the people and the sky, it’s good for me not just for the moving around piece of it.

One of the best things about walking my dog where I usually walk her is that it’s right by a lake that’s relatively close to my house. It’s beautiful. There are all kinds of water birds, and other birds nearby, and sometimes hawks. Lots of squirrels in the trees, the leaves right now are great, and the light on the lake is pretty consistently awesome regardless of time of day.

One of the worst things about walking my dog where I usually walk her is that it’s right by a lake that’s relatively close to my house. It’s beautiful so everybody and their brother wants to walk their dog near the damn lake and my damn dog is like 15 pounds of fury whenever another dog comes around, she’s little but strong enough to make my shoulders sore from all the pulling and lunging, and the high pitched yap is ear splitting.

One of the best things about my blog is the people I meet through it. One of the worst things about my blog is that it’s not as anonymous as it could be, as I’d make it if I had it to do over again. I know I could start over, but … I dunno, inertia.

Lack of anonymity limits some of what I write about. Case in point, a recent bit of interpersonal unpleasantry where I’m like one degree of separation from all parties, and like everyone very much and so sort of feel pushed into the middle of it. I’d write the shit out of this situation if the blog was totally anonymous. Instead, I write vague and barely readable allusions to it.

This stuff upsets me a lot as they’re people I’ve known for like my whole life and I love them and some of them sometimes come to be like “listen to my problems” which is kind of annoying sometimes but it’s an old pattern that’s hard to break. Now that some of them aren’t getting along I’m pulled in a few directions, incompatible requests and so on. Folk are being a bit unfair in my view but in an understandable way, if that makes sense – it sucks but it’s not surprising when intense problems engender intense reactions (sort of like, ordinary people do fucked up things when fucked up things are ordinary). As an aside – comfort in abstraction – I remember thinking this when I read Kant years ago and got really excited: that an action is the best action in a context does not make that action good. Bad contexts can be such that only bad actions are possible, though the least bad action is the best and perhaps over time the playing field of moral possibilities can improve, with the context.

So, in a bad mood, didn’t feel like walking the dog, had (have) tons of work to do that I’m not getting to, underslept, I thought I’d improve the situation by drinking a beer while walking the dog. This is easily in the best 25 decisions I ever made.

I walked down the sidewalk and over to the lake, took a bit and the beer was cold in my pocket (current temp 30 degrees F, feels like 25, according to Got there and realized it was really, really light out. There was a gorgeous full moon and clear sky, neither of which I’d noticed until I was way from the street lights. The reason I noticed is that I was away from the street lights but it wasn’t any darker. Everything looked silvery, the light on the water was gorgeous. I strolled, sipped my beer, made a quick phone call to Matt about the upcoming training, talked briefly to Adam, drank my beer and just sorta looked at stuff. I felt much better.

Full moon plus drinks plus lake = … umm, something really good. I’m going to have to make a point to walk over by the lake more at night when the moon’s nice. I usually don’t bother to walk all that ways at night cuz it’s so dark, plus I just want to get the night time walk over with so I can sleep.

Added bonuses:
shortly after I got home the baby woke up and it was my turn to soothe her. I soothed the shit out of that baby, soothed her so good, damn. I’ve got big hands, so I was able to hold her w/ one arm to rock her and dance with her, rub her sore gums (she’s teething) with a finger on my other hand, and use another finger on that hand to brush her forehead from top to tip of her nose. That brushing trips a reflex to close her eyes (plus it’s relaxing) so when she’s tired it helps her fall asleep. I’m like a ninja, if ninjitsu was the art of soothing babies rather than the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage purportedly practiced by the shinobi (commonly known outside of Japan as ninja). Then I had a delicious bowl of the squash medley I cooked yesterday. Things are looking up. And now to bed.