Little political or intellectual work but some cool stuff. Climbed a bit, sucked at it but did it. Tried some new beers (I like brown ales so I got two, neither are as good as Newcastle or Goose Island’s brown, one of them was really pretty crap – my friend Matt says I probably don’t like hops – the other was decent. I want to get to know better what exactly it is that I do and don’t like in these beers.) Tried some new cheese at the co-op, apparently there’s a whole world of cheese out there that I didn’t know about. Went to a women’s hockey game with my family, that was awesome, the baby loved it. Wrote two short IWW articles, came up with an idea that I like for a pamphlet collecting some workers power columns and an idea for an introduction trying to concretize our model a bit further. A friend and I did an awesome performance of two great children’s books that display something of a class perspective. Listened to side 1 of a conversational French cassette while holding my daughter. Bought a book on raising your kids bilingual. Bought a bunch of used children’s books in different languages (German, Spanish, Italian, French), figured out my daughter really likes books, already. Cooked a bad ass thanksgiving dinner for my mom and her husband and my grandma and my wife. My mom’s husband said “I’ll be honest, I expect to have to go to KFC afterward, but this was good! I’m surprised that vegetarian food can be this good.” I think the trick is to use lots of butter. I made three kinds of squash, beets, mashed potatos, some awesomely awesome stuffing, baked tofu, and a fantastic onion gravy. Also had rolls and sourdough bread and two kinds of pie (pumpkin and pecan) from the bakery by my place. It was a feast and a half, way too much food. Made a little progress on the doing push ups and pull ups front. Still at an embarassingly poor level of fitness, but better. I think I need to make more of an effort to get exercise, I’m back to insomnia sometimes now, if I got decent sleep the night before. That really sucks, it’s always sucked, but sleeps at an even higher premium now. Been having a pleasant and productive (at least for me!) correspondence with DH recently, and more discussion with my friend Pete on similar issues. Came up with a tentative work plan — a schedule! A revelation, I know. Basically I think I’d do well with more set times for political reading and writing and for when is NOT that stuff, and when is exercise and when is work and when is research for parenting stuff, etc etc. Discovered a new baby soothing hold. She’s less keen on the airplane hold now, she prefers now to be held to my chest facing out, I brace her head with one hand and support her body with the other. I sort of tuck her head under my chin too to give me more ability to handle the occasional sudden dives she makes. Bonus is that I can hum arpeggios and make up tunes to my limited ability, she seems to like the combination of the sound and the vibration on the back of her head when her head’s placed that way. Making more peace with the pace now and the difficulty in predicting how long things take me to do.

I have once again lived a compelling segment of the drama of human history.