Rehashing stuff from (tangential to? and yet, if so, ironic, because probably some of the only kernel there worth popping) this earlier post and from some email exchanges, mostly just a note to self to come back to this. Rock climbing would work just as well as music does for the type of metaphor I want here.

I recently did a bit of thinking again recently about some of Marx’s remarks on communism, mostly in the German Ideology. I’m not keen on that book over all but there are some moments… Marx talks about how “[i]n a real community the individuals obtain their freedom in and through their association.” I think this combines well with his (best) definition of communism as “the real movement which abolishes the present state of things” and with his claim that “the word “communist”
(…) in the real world means the follower of a definite revolutionary party”,though I’ve got big reservations with the party, at least with the term. In any case, the real movement and the revolutionary organization (not to conflate the two) both ought to be a place where people obtain freedom in and through association in/as they/we abolish the present state of things. Our hope is that we build “real community [in which] the individuals obtain their freedom in and through their association”, such that we are — in at least one sense of freedom — more free in/through/for our involvement. I like to use music as an analogy for this – there’s a discipline required to learning an instrument and learning to play music (either other people’s songs/covers or writing songs or improvising), and/but this discipline allows one greater freedom… a really good practiced musician is more free than I am, in a specific sense – free to make good music, and I, with my very limited and lazy under practiced musicianship am in that same sense more free than people who don’t have any music training.