’tis the season when I wonder what the fuck I’m still doing in this forsaken wilderness, or at least moan a bunch about the damn weather.

Currently 3 degrees F (that’s about -16 celsius), -12 (that’s -24 C) with the windchill. I wish my dog could walk herself.

It’s 2ish in the AM, I took the dog out one last time before going to bed. The dog was already asleep, I woke her up. She was happy to see me but when I walked over to the door and started putting on my coat she realized that I wanted to take her outside. She turned and walked away, headed back for her bed. I called her again but she wouldn’t come to me. I had to trick her, I opened the pantry door. We keep the dog food in the pantry so she always comes running when she hears it. I had the leash ready so when she ran over I clipped it on her and made her come outside with me. She looked at me like she was being punished. I took a bit of dog food with me, as a reward for enduring the cold. She peed really fast then turned back toward the house. My dog normally loves walks. I just checked, it’s 0 degrees F, -14 with windchill right now.

‘Tis the season when ’tis fairly easy to strike up a conversation with any stranger here, as long as it’s about the weather, and when ’tis fairly hard to have any conversation about anything else.

Did I mention that it’s cold?