Today I decided to try listening to a bit of David Harvey’s first video lecture on Capital while I was walking with the baby. Worked okay, except I couldn’t really manage much in the way of notes and note-taking is a key piece of how I think about a topic. I’m going to keep my notes on each video all in this post, and see how far I can get through the lecture series.

In other news, I’ve only got one more section of ch25 of Capital v1 to take notes on. Unfortunately it’s a 70ish page section.


harvey on capital

1st lecture
– marx’s research method vs presentation method
— marx starts with ‘the conclusions of his inquiry’
— ‘it looks like an a priori construction’, half the time we don’t understand it.
— you don’t understand the concepts until you get to the end of the book
– you’ve got to hold on like crazy through the fist 3 chapters, most people stop in ch3
– the start is arbitrary, in the sense of unargued for.
– v1 is from the perspective of production