Todd and I did this piece together a while back for ASR, trying to think out some issues w/r/t our understanding of what we and a few friends call ‘solidarity unionism’. That became this piece for an issue of Turbulence, which has now been published as a book. One of these days soonish we’re going to revisit both and see what we like, what we’d say differently, and what we dislike.

Also, the other day I got the citation info for where my thing “A Biopolitical Stage of Capitalism?” was published: Critical Sense, Volume 14, Number 1 (Spring 2007), pp. 69-101. It’s also online with messed up footnotes here. There’s much I’d do different in it now (like hem and haw less!) and it’s definitely a “I’m thinking my way to something” kind of piece, but at the same time… on the basic point I’m right. πŸ™‚