Hey all (three of) you regular readers and correspondents about matters marxish and/or otherwise theoretical — if any of you wants to (can be talked into) read something I’m working on that is dull and dry, I’d really, really appreciate your eyes. It’s about workers comp law. I’d like to hear thoughts on big questions/theoretical matters, as currently the stuff I’m engaging with and reading/writing about doesn’t deal much w/ that stuff at all. To put it another way, y’all are members of different audiences than what I’ve been reading and what I’ve been writing this thing for, you’ll have other questions and thoughts than the conversations this piece is currently tied in to, those are questions and thoughts that I’m very interested in. Sorry to be so vague here, it’s late (been up all night finishing a draft of this damn thing). If you’re up for it, drop a comment and I’ll email you something eventually. Don’t feel obligated though, it’s really okay if not.