As (both) regular readers of this blog will know, I became a dad in the past year. One of the smaller of the many results of this is that I’ve started to think about childcare provision. Specifically, childcare in left circles. I am of course all for childcare being provided, it’s good and speaks well of the people who emphasizes this. On the other hand, for me and for my family this is not a major thing we need. Whether or not childcare is available at some meeting or event matters very little to whether or not I’m gonna attend. With that in mind, I’m curious to know: what is accomplished by childcare provision in left circles? I know that sounds like a loaded question, I don’t know how to pose it in a way that doesn’t sound that way. I just mean, when childcare is offered around lefty stuff, what are the results (both positive outcomes and shortcomings)? I imagine the results are different for different people, and perhaps for different ways of providing childcare. I’d love to hear more about all that.