This is a bit weird and is weirdly embarassing for some (umm, weird) reason, but – I think I burned myself yesterday and didn’t notice it at the time… I’m not totally sure but I have a vague recollection that I may have spilled some hot water from macaroni on myself at the deli yesterday but it didn’t hurt. (It was in a container, like a deli plastic container, they keep them in this hot food thing, like for chicken and stuff, and the heat is up too high. I think I opened it while standing, I remember it getting a bit on my shirt because I remember thinking it would be a bit funny and a bit gross if I smelled like macaroni… the spot where I remember it spilling was down by my belly button though and didn’t hurt). A couple hours later I had this biggish spot on my neck/collarbone that was sore and red and now this evening the spot is kinda blistery. It hurts but I’ve had sunburns that hurt worse (ones that didn’t blister). Very strange.