I need an attitude adjustment, I’ve been feeling more dark cloud than silver lining lately. The remedy will have to have multiple parts but for now, one part – talking about my daughter.

My daughter’s super cool. She’s not even 18 months yet. She’s super intellectually curious. She wants to know the names of things. We’ve read to her forever and she’s liked books for as long as she’s liked objects. Relatively recently, maybe a couple months, she’s become interested in words in books, pointing to them in addition to objects. Then she started pointing to the letters. We don’t push any of this, just answering when she points. She can identify several letters now. It’s astounding, and super fun to watch. The other day she pointed at my t-shirt and said the names of a few of the letters in it.

We do a bit of baby sign language with her. We weren’t particularly diligent until she started signing back – function words like “more” and so on – and then we got a lot more enthusiastic. She knows several signs, some that she can also say (like “book”) some that she can’t (like “sleep”). We occasionally read to her in other languages – my wife has some German and a little Spanish, I have some Spanish and Portugues and a bit of German and Italian and I can fake French. She’s started saying back words in these languages when we read them to her. It’s really fun to watch her brain grow.

Gotta go, she woke up.