Another kid post, because I like to write blog posts about my daughter.

One of the many things I like that my daughter does is that she sometimes finds particular words funny. When we were visiting family over the holidays at one point she got really into the word “nope.” She would say it and laugh, I’d say it and laugh, she’s say it and laugh more, I’d say it and laugh more, in a circle of cracking each other up. It’s really fun and it feels really good to laugh so much. Right now she particularly like the word “not.” Even when she’s really fragile – tired, frustrated because her mama’s not home, in the middle of a diaper change – this can sometimes work. I’ll say that something is not the case, like that the dog is not a person, and that I am not a dog, and so on. I’d like to think that she’s already got an appreciation for wordplay, and I hope this continues as she grows up. If she takes after either of her parents she totally will, as a love of wordplay is something my wife have very much in common.

I also really like that my daughter will try to say hard words: hippopotamus, for instance. In general she’s pretty daring about trying things. As someone who has to manage her behavior this can be a bit challenging and stressful, but it’s pretty cool to see and is a quality I hope she retains.

I also really like that she likes to dance and sing with me. I’m not a particularly good singer or whatever, but I’ve been singing her songs since before she was born (there were a few songs I would sing to her while she was in her mom’s belly late in the pregnancy) and I’ve been proud for a while that I’m good at soothing her by holding her and singing and dancing. The other night she woke up at like 3am, I was still up, about to go to bed actually. I danced and sang to her a bit and she fell asleep. She woke up both times I tried to put her back to bed, and both times she said no to the option to nurse and instead wanted me to dance with her. I was super flattered.

Her memory’s getting better too. She likes this book called Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus. After she threw something in the toilet I’ve started messing around by reciting the book except changing it to be Don’t Let The Pigeon Throw Stuff In The Potty. She thinks that’s really funny, because she remembers what the story is supposed to be like (she can fill in words and stuff if we pause when reading it to her), and today she asked me do this, I can’t remember her exact words but she was like “Potty! Pigeon!” until I figured it out, and she got a big smile.

She’s also started giving kisses and hugs sometimes on request, which is awesome.


Also – a recent dialog in my house. Hattie is a friend of my daughter’s, and Lizzie is our dog.

Me: Did you pee on the floor?
My daughter: Nononono
Me: Someone peed on the floor. Who peed on the floor?
My daughter: Mama!
My wife: I did not pee on the floor. Who peed on the floor?
My daughter: Hattie!
My wife: Hattie does sometimes pee on the floor at her house, but Hattie isn’t here.
Me: Who peed on the floor?
My daughter: Lizzie!
My wife: Lizzie does sometimes pee on the floor, but this wasn’t Lizzie. Who peed on the floor?
My daughter: Papa!