Stuff over in madtown is, well, mad recently. That goddamn bill passed the senate tonight and will probly pass the assembly tomorrow. Some somber thoughts on my mind. I want to feel the charge that some of my close pals feel, I can get it temporarily but it won’t stick. Some of this is just my own being worn out and stretched thin for a long time running and in the short term too, difficult schedule recently etc. But some of this is about outlook and analysis too. I’m uncertain about the genarl strike stuff. I’ll be excited about it for sure but so far the aims are defensive (though it articulates a range of grievances that are just below the surface, these are not yet explicit I think let alone shared though), it’s a militant socail democracy I think. I’m having trouble imagining a plausible short term better future, all the scenarios I can envision go badly for quite a while. That may simply be the truth, an unpleasant one. I’d like to be wrong. And on the strike stuff… the official labor movement is about 11% or 12%. Many of those are in particularly important sorts of work (where there’s less short term elasticity) and with high participation rates it could be very significant. But… likely non-unionized workers would have to participate for it to be all that. This will be harder even than unionized private sector workers. And many people in both those very general sorts of work are hard up for money, so missing work and thus missing wages will be a big challenge, especially if things end up being protracted (and they probly will/would be).

Also, I’m not familiar with any writing on the subject but I think there’s a difference between strikes that generalize in a quantitative sense (sheer numbers) and ones that are about a more generalized grievances/range of grievances. Like the strikes against Mubarak in Egypt, those had a pretty strong and clear political character – explicitly and self-consciously so, which is only somewhat the case here so far I think.