This blog’s neglected again. Hard to find time to think and to write. For now, want to remember this. Two friends have recently asked me for book suggestions. Here’s the list so I remember it.

The last four are historical fiction novels which depict real events that are important to know about and understand — about the Iroquois and about slaves during the war of American independence and peasant revolutionaries in Germany. The Halse Anderson ones are young adult novels so they read hella fast. They’re really well researched and historically accurate, and a great read, aside from the political relevance. Manituana and Q likewise well researched and a great read. Both of them are online free here –

I’d recommend the two books about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers (I forget their titles), Stan Weir’s Singlejack Solidarity, Martin Glaberman’s Punching Out, Robert F. Williams’s Negroes With Guns, Thomas Sugrue’s book about Detroit (I forget the title).
Capital, volume 1, assisted by David Harvey’s new Companion to Marx’s Capital and/or Harry Cleaver’s online Capital study guide (Capital works best if read started from chapter 26 to the end, then chapter 1-25)
Michael Perelman, The Invention of Capitalism
Gavin Wright, Slavery and American Economic Development
Marcus Rediker, The Slave Ship
E. P. Thompson, Making of the English Working Class
Marcus Rediker and Peter Linebaugh, The Many Headed Hydra
Jeanne Boydston, Home and Work
Wu Ming, Manituana
Laurie Halse Anderson, Chains
Laurie Halse Anderson, Forge
Luther Blissett, Q