I don’t have much time lately so blogging less. Also been experimenting a bit with other formats — like the tumblr which is mostly just notes, though I also like playing around with doing wordplay in my head then looking for a visual pun on that wordplay, it’s like six degrees of separation between words and images. Anyway, I’ve set up a new blog for doing more personal and frivolous writing. That one’s fully anonymous, unlike this one which is under my real name (if I had known better I would have not done that). I still plan to blog here, I just feel a bit like I’ve got a type or range of types of things I do here and so it doesn’t feel to me like the personal writing fits here quite the same way. Hence the new blog. Y’all who are friends of mine can have the URL, email me if you want it. (I won’t be offended if you don’t, though.) I hope you know if you’re my friend, but in case not, I mean folk I’ve met in person and/or have corresponded with privately and where it’s clear we like each other.