Two Marx quotes, from memory so not sure I’ve got them quite right but I think I’ve got the sense of them.

1. We call communism not a state of affairs but the real movement which abolishes the present order. Marx and Engels from the German Ideology.

2. One capitalist kills man. Marx from v1 of Capital.

The first, relatively clear: communism is the name not of a finished condition but a dynamic process of ending capitalism. The second, also relatively clear: capitalists compete. Some capitalists succeed and others fail in that competition and then that succeeding-and-failing is big enough, some capitalists become ex-capitalists.

Combine the two and things get murkier for me. The destruction of the present form of capitalism – the shaking up of actually existing capitalism – is how capitalism has changed over the time. Pro-systemic reforms require attacks on parts of the system as it’s currently constituted. This is not speak against attacks on the system, but rather to say that the response when not repression is attempted innovation and specifically attempts to harness attacks into helping carry out needed creative destruction and generation of new institutional arrangements. I think this is part of what’s going on in ch10 of v1 of Capital, for one thing. I think this is also something to think about in the present state of affairs, and particularly in comparison to the past. There were numerous general strikes pre- WWI, for instance, and there were workplace occupations in the 1930s.

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