Basic list of primary materials

Red Notes, Brief Chronology and Glossary (Working Class Autonomy and the Crisis, iii-x)

François Matheron, "Operaismo"

Zerowork, definition of Class Composition

The Capitalist Use of Machinery: Marx Versus the Objectivists. 1961 (

Surplus value and planning’; The Labour Process & Class Strategies. 1964. (

Tronti, material republished in Workers and Capital [starting page in brackets]
Social Capital. 1963.
[p64 Spanish / p60 Italian]

Lenin In England. 1964.
[p93 Spanish / p89 Italian]

Class and Party. 1964.
[p93 Spanish / ???? Italian]

The Strategy of the Refusal. 1966?
[p244 Spanish / p234 Italian]

Struggle Against Labor. 1966?
[p262 Spanish / p259 Italian]

Workers and Captial. 1966?
[p275 Spanish / p267 Italian]

Romano Alquati. The Network of Struggles in Italy.

Guido Baldi. Theses on the Mass Workers and Social Capital. 1972.

Sergio Bologna. Money and Crisis: Marx as Correspondent of the New York Daily Tribune, 1856-57.

Optional additional primary materials

Panzieri, Socialist uses of workers’ inquiry


Labor in the Constitution. 1964 (Labor of Dionysus 53-136)

Keynes and the Capitalist Theory of the State. 1967 (Labor of Dionysus 23-50)

Marx on Cycle and Crisis. 1968 (Revolution Retrieved 43-90)

Crisis of the Planner State: Communism and Revolutionary Organization. 1971 (Revolution Retrieved 91-148, Books for Burning 1-50)

Workers Party Against Work. 1973 (Books for Burning 51-117)

Communist State Theory. 1974 (Labor of Dionysus 138-176)

Proletarians and the State. 1975 (Books for Burning 118-179)

The State and Public Spending. 1975 (Labor of Dionysus 179-213)

Towards a Critique of the Material Constitution. 1977. (Books for Burning, 180-230.)

Domination and Sabotage. 1977. (Books for Burning 231-290. The first half, pages 231-258, are online at

Crisis of the Crisis State. 1980 (

Archaeology and Project: The Mass Worker and the Social Worker. 1982 (

Files uploaded to the google group

– Brief Chronology and Glossary (iii-x)
– Potere Operaio, Italy 1973: Workers Struggles and the Capitalist Crisis and Red Notes, A Note on Potere Operaio (23-32)
– Negri, One Step Forward Two Steps Back (55-59)
– Negri, The Workers’ Party of Mirafiori (61-65)

From Red Notes, Working Class Autonomy and the Crisis, paper copy only:
Interview with Tronti (21-22)
– Negri, Reformism and Restructuration (33-37)
– A Note on the "Social" Worker (37-38)
– Negri, Theses on the Crisis (39-54)

Secondary Sources:

Steve Wright, Storming Heaven: Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism
Excerpts online here:

Interview with Steve Wright

Sergio Bologna’s review of Storming Heaven

Cleaver, Reading Capital Politically
(Especially the introduction, the section titled The Italian New Left –

Harry Cleaver’s reading guide to autonomist marxism, section Four: The Theory of the Mass Worker and the Social Factory

Steve Wright, "The Limits of Negri’s Class Analysis: Italian Autonomist Theory in the Seventies"

Steve Wright, "A Party of Autonomy?"

Steve Wright, Operaismo, Autonomia, Settantasette in Translation: Then, Now, the Future.


Historical context

Red Notes, "Italy 1977-8 – ‘Living with an Earthquake’"

Robert Lumley, States of Emergency: Cultures of Revolt in Italy from 1968 to 1978

Nanni Balestini, The Unseen

Review of Red Notes, Working Class Autonomy and the Crisis

Lotta Continua: Take Over the City. 1973.

Wicked Messengers: Politics in the First Person: the autonomous workers movement in Italy. 1974,

Bruno Ramirez: Self-Reduction of Prices. 1975.

Sergio Bologna. The Tribe of Moles. 1977.

Patrick Cuninghame. For an Analysis of Autonomia -An Interview with Sergio Bologna

No Past? No! – Interview with Sergio Bologna

Marco Revelli: Defeat at Fiat. 1980.


Analysis outside of Italy

Kolinko, Class Composition

Paolo Carpignano: U.S. Class Composition in the Sixties

Christian Marazzi: Money in the World Crisis

Mario Montano: Notes On The International Crisis

Class Composition and Developing a New Working Class Strategy.
Excerpt from Toward the New Commons: Working Class Strategies and the Zapatistas by Monty Neill, with George Caffentzis and Johnny Machete


Sergio Bologna. NAZISM AND THE WORKING CLASS – 1933-93

Guido De Masi and Giacomo Marramao : COUNCILS AND STATE IN WEIMAR GERMANY


Ed Emery. No Politics Without Inquiry!


More recent

Steve Wright, Confronting the crisis of ‘fordism’: Italian debates around social transition

Steve Wright, "There and back again: mapping the pathways within autonomist Marxism"

Steve Wright, "Cattivi Maestri: Some Reflections on the Legacy of Guido Bianchini, Luciano Ferrari Bravo and Primo Moroni"

Wildcat, The Renascence of Operaismo

Dan Krasivyj. For the Recomposition of Social Labour

Feruccio Gambino: A Critique of the Fordism of the Regulation School

Riccardo Bellofiore: Lavori in corso

Nick Dyer-Witheford
Cyber-Marx: Cycles and Circuits of Struggle in High Technology Capitalism (1999)

George Caffentzis: Immeasurable Value?: An Essay on Marx’s Legacy

Harry Cleaver
Harry Cleaver: Work, Value and Domination

Harry Cleaver: The Inversion of Class Perspective in Marxian Theory: from Valorization to Self-Valorization

Massimiliano Tomba: Differentials of Surplus-Value in the contemporary forms of exploitation.

David Graeber: The Sadness of Post-Workerism

Finn Bowring. From the mass worker to the multitude: A theoretical contextualisation of Hardt and Negri’s Empire
Capital & Class,  Summer 2004.

David Palazzo.  "Re-examining the Social Factory as a Historic Category in Italian Operaismo"

Alberto Toscano, "Antagonism and Insurrection in Italian Operaismo"