I realized today that I started this blog in August. I checked and my first post was August 21st, 2005. Including today, that means it has been seven years and seven days of blogging here. Of course, I haven’t blogged every day, but the blog has been a thing for 2564 days (via). That’s approximately 61,500 hours. This post will be number 1150. That’s about 1 post for every 54 hours, or one post for every 2 to 3 days. As I type this there are 3776 comments here. That’s about three comments every two days, or about one comment every 16 hours. So much time, from graceless to grateful, thoughtless and it goes. These numbers have a pleasant weight to them. Quantity is job number one. Given the infrequency with which I post lately, I must have been a blogging monster at some point. I have a vague recollection that this was so. Of course, the slower rate of blogging here doesn’t necessarily mean a lower rate of writing. As I mentioned, my more finished pieces from various places are a lot more than I expected, not to mention that I keep link dumps here now.