Ah, youth.

Today’s one of THOSE days and I figured, fuck it, I’m gonna be in a bad mood anyway, I may as well try to grind out a thought so at least I’ll have a little something to show for it. So –

what’s age about? As in, youth, what’s that? Clearly there’s biological stuff – some things happen at some general times in people’s lives. What about culture, though? Younger people’s being behaviorally identifiable as younger (such that “he’s much older but is acting much younger” is a comprehensible statement in many contexts), what’s with that?

I’m particularly interested in this in regard to work and class. My sense is that for working class people at least, being below a certain age correlates with access to a certain kind of family-provided security (backed in part by laws about parental behavior and about child labor). Being above that age, in the nebulous ‘young adult’ category puts people in a position to have less access to that kind of security. And it tends to mean less savings, work experience, marketable skills, seniority, etc. So youth at least below a certain age in the labor market means in part economic insecurity – and maybe less to lost as well? Less likely to have a mortgage, for instance.

I’m in political circles, to the limited extent I’m in any circles, that I would characterize as made up largely of younger people. I think a few things go along with that. One, I think younger people tend to have more time and energy. (Why? I dunno.) Two, they tend to move on from projects sometimes but they also show up more often – they come and go more often. Three, they tend to be earlier on the learning and interest curve on some stuff, in a good way, in the sense of being on an upswing. Here too, why?

Gah. Enough.