This is not a music post.

No really!

I’m in a rush, some points on the fly…

I tend to think a lot about what we’re doing at recomposition and I think in an important sense we don’t really know what we’re doing, which isn’t mostly meant as a criticism. I think we’re doing multiple things with that site, and I think we’ve sort of proceed intuitively and have been willing to get started without a fully worked out plan. And what we’re doing has changed/developed over time. Some things we’re doing – trying to develop more of a milieu within the loose circles we’re in, trying to develop new individual writers in our milieu, trying to facilitate some reflections on various questions (and this is a mix of stuff that we have clear-ish views on – like in our skepticism about/opposition to state mediation of struggles – and stuff that we’re really thinking through – like about what our milieu’s roles might be in a revolutionary situation, which is to say, we’re not primarily people with answers we’re trying to socratically walk others toward, we’re people with questions we want to think about and that we think others should think about too).

Given events in the world recently-ish, there seems to be something going on around the world… for instance, uprisings in Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Brazil… there’s the labor movement and student movement events in Canada. In the U.S. at a smaller scale of intensity but still real, there’s been the events at Republic Windows, in Madison, Occupy… With all of this stuff I’ve been thinking lately about circulating information about struggles around the world. That matters a good deal in my opinion – people should know about current events and the recent past, and the longer term relevant past. For lack of a better term, I’m going to call stuff like Madison instances, and will call things like Occuppy sequences. I think people should know about instances and sequences elsewhere (I’m not committed to either term and I realize the differences between them is blurry, I just mean here to indicate differences in events that are shorter vs longer in time and smaller vs larger in size geographically and in the numbers of people involved).

We’ve not done much within Recomposition to spread information about instances or sequences, except for the Quebec student strike and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers strike and lockout, and maybe the Jimmy John’s Workers Union though I’m not sure about that (and that’s way smaller than either the student or CUPW stuff). I think in general our orientation publishing in Recomp has been toward smaller scales, a lot on individual and small group experiences. Sub-instance…? I think our hope is that this can contribute to the development of better participation in instances… I guess that’s also part of our orientation too, in that we’re interested in an experiential dimension and want material that’s written by and for participants in struggles (often at very small, fragmented levels, like individuals in individual workplaces), reflecting on that participation. I think we could stand to do more to circulate stuff about larger struggles around the world, but it’d also be good to try to do so in a way that still emphasizes experiential content and reflection on experiences, and which tries to draw out what people can take from that reflection and carry into their own contexts. This also makes me think, what small sorts of things could and should change after someone has read a political article (or, written one, since cultivating new writers is part of what we’re on about)?