Various stresses and strains grate on me lately so I decided to list some good things.

For one thing, I’m grateful for Massive Attack.

Some other things…

Marianne likes my jokes.

I have healthy, dynamic children with big personalities.

I have a partner who is smart and funny and we’re on the same page in our core values and gut level impulses about how we want to parent and live.

Various members of my extended family are getting through some hard times, lights at the end of tunnels.

I have many friends I love dearly and who love me.

Among my friendships, I have people who like to think together and push each other to think. I’m respected among by smart, serious people who I respect.

I cooked a real mean eggplant parmesan sandwich recently. Holy crap it was good.

We bought some eggs from a neighbor and she showed our kids the hen house, let our older child feed the chickens, and she gave us lots of free produce from her garden. The eggs were delish too.

Many amazing sunsets over the lake.

The waterfall.

The running is going well.

The rock climbing is going well.

Egrets and herons flying over and walking in and fishing in the lake. A trio of red-tailed hawks chased each other around the trees while we were walking the other day.

Evenings at the park and playground.

My cats.