Use your allusion too.

More efforts at attitude boosting.

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza have a great name and I like this tune. If you haven’t listened to it yet, do so.

Some of my friends don’t like this stuff. Most of them actually, I think. I can’t remember if I’ve written about why I like grindcore before. Probly. Anyway I like a few things about it. Performance wise, I like how physical it is. Listening wise, I like how relentless it is, and how frenetic and above all how angry it is. Above all I like it because a lot of the time I feel like it sounds and it feels good to have that expressed. It’s an inarticulate sound vocal wise, which works for me because I often feel inarticulately angry. (This is also why I like this fine, fine Bad Religion tune which, by the way, I wrote a bit about, obliquely in a blog post at my libcom blog I also like that this intense sound actually takes a lot of control to create. What I like about this song in particular though is that it has all those qualities plus a sense of humor and fun about it. It starts with the shouted “wooo!” and the guitar riff from “Beat It” followed by a moment of “Sweet Child Of Mine” and then it takes off with pounding drums and everything screaming. I also like the slower mosh part, it sounds heavy and aggressive. Then there’s about four seconds of funny little synth or lead guitar part with a standard rock beat, around 1:44 and again around 1:56. Like the intro and their name that strikes me as hilarious and makes me think they gave a sense of humor about themselves and what they’re doing. Because while I like the genre and the sound speaks to me personally (though I should say there’s a lot I don’t like in the genre lyrically, it’s often sexist for instance), I also recognize that a lot of the trappings are silly. I like to think of the humor in this song it as like the Smiths and Alkaline Trio in a way though of course the sound is very different. Both of those write dark sad songs that are in a way quite funny and silly, and they recognize that. They can laugh at themselves while simultaneously being sincere. I like that very much.

Their whole first album is here:

The album intro is also very funny in my opinion, though I’m a sucker for the “melodic or silly intro to a very aggressive noisy song” kinda joke.