I’m in a fight with Sunday night. I rush to get housework done so we can start the week slightly less behind – because the week is in part an exercise in decline, because of having too much shit to do and not enough time to do it. If we start the week with a sink full of dishes, with a couple days the dishes will be piled up super high and it’ll be hard to get a drink of water. Even if we get the sink empty by the end of the week it will definitely be full again. Something similar goes for laundry and other cleaning. It’s a sprint to not fall further behind. My job’s the same. And while I’m cleaning and whatnot I can pretty much hear a giant clock tick tocking closer and closer to Monday morning when it’s back to work again. Ugh. It gets me down.

I sent a friend a message griping and got a very kind reply back: “You’re doing great. Your kids are happy and health, your friends respect you, and your dishes are clean.” It was a nice reminder. Most of the time most things suck right now, but that’s how they feel, not how they are. Things actually are pretty good, and some things actually are really awesome. I’m just in an uncomfortable time. That doesn’t mean things are going badly, actually. It just means this isn’t a stopping point. All of that is good to remember.