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This is a text written mainly by Paolo Virno, I believe, signed by the “Immaterial Workers of the World” which I found online here and here. The translation is by Myk Zeitlin. The text is online in Italian here and in Spanish here. It’s title is “What did I tell you?”, in Italian, “Che te lo dico a fare”. It first appeared in issue 18 of Derive Approdi, contents listed here. There’s a short preface to the text which isn’t translated. I may take a crack at that in the next week or so. Read the rest of this entry »

This is a thing I’m working on using Agamben, Marx, etc, and the notes I was taking on Servius Tullius etc. Comments welcome. Read the rest of this entry »

There’s a long post up at a new blog that’s well worth reading on immaterial labor and all that. Good questions and points, including a solid discussion of Negri on simple and complex labor. In a nutshell I take that argument to go like this: Negri’s claim that today there’s no unit of simple labor with which to measure complexified immaterialized labor implies a highly problematic thesis that there was some quality about prior simple labor, and complex labor as an aggregate thereof, which lent itself to measure. This quality was not provided (imposed) by capital but was inherent in or proper to this form of labor, such that measure was more appropriate and less of an imposition than it is today in the era of labor that is “immeasurable” or “beyond measure.” That argument strikes me as entirely right, and something to develop at greater length. One such avenue would be to address Negri on this via the category in Badiou of the count by or count as one, the imputation of a given unity. Labor power is a multiple counted as a unity by capital and too often this counted-as is taken as not an operation enacted upon a multiple but as a given, a starting point rather than a result.

There’s been a bit of discussion on the autopsy email list about an interview with Paolo Virno that appeared in Grey Room. In it Virno says the following –

The decisive experience of my youth was the revolutionary
struggle in a developed capitalist country. I insist: developed. A country, that
is, in which physical survival was guaranteed, consumption relatively high,
with by that time widespread scholastic instruction. I did not participate in
an uprising against misery or dictatorship but in a radical conflict aiming at
abolishing that modern form of barbarism: wage labor. We were not “thirdworldist”
but “Americanist.” Fighting at Fiat of Turin, we were thinking of
Detroit, not Cuba or Algiers. Only where capitalist development has reached
its height is there a question of the anticapitalist revolution.

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The conductivity of the ether is not to be understimated, particularly its capacity to conduct (really, to produce or increase the velocity of) rancor, and feet into mouths. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dictionariat? Definitionariat?

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Answering, of course, requires being able to say what’s old about the past and what is and is not old about the present. In the context of a longer post, Steve Shapiro at Pinocchio Theory kindly responded to my notes on Deleuze’s “Postscript on the Societies of Control.” Read the rest of this entry »

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