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As an experiment, I put together a soundtrack for this post.

It’s another night where something aches. My knee. My ankle. My knuckles. My back. No matter how I sit, stand, lay, there’s some dull, faint throbbing. Read the rest of this entry »

750 words is substantial enough that it’s not just something you can crank out in a sprint. I did my own version of NaNoWriMo a while back where I set myself the goal of writing 500 words a day for the month. It worked and I often wrote more than that. But I sort of found I could often get to 500 on a writing sprint. When I wrote more it’d be because I came on a second train of thought. Getting to 750 requires always that I get to a second train of thought. I say this because of 750words. The site is anonymous writing application which pushes you to write often, ideally every day. It’s a great resource, I recommend it. Now I gotta run, friend came over.

Been quiet over here. Been doing a lot of work and travel and stuff, and family stuff’s been intense. As usual more to do than I can, like carrying water in cupped hands, I can never manage to keep it all together. Posting now while I have a few minutes because this has been rattling in the back of my head and I want to keep what little I’ve got. Read the rest of this entry »

Okay so I know I said I wasn’t fucking around anymore but sometimes I can’t help it, too often actually but I’d like to think that some of this sometimes is good for me and not in just a letting off steam sort of way but in a makes me a little smarter in a way kind of way. If you click on that second link, or if you read that post already, you will know I recently discovered garden path sentences. I think these are great, and/but they make my head hurt.

I decided to try to write one that contained global ambiguity (I learned this term today, here’s an example – “I know more scientists than Stephen Hawking,” this could mean either “I know scientists in addition to Stephen Hawking” or “I know more scientists than Stephen Hawking,” without additional context each interpretation is equally correct), and that referenced garden path sentences. Here’s what I came up with:

“The sentence led up the garden path made me very happy, more than my high school English teacher.”

This one isn’t self-referential, but I still like it.

The novel proved to be written by Calvino in a month was eaten by bookworms.

That one works, I think. I think it works… ambiguity because “in a month” could qualify “proved”, “written” or “eaten.” Garden path because of “was eaten by book worms.” It’d be funnier with “just like my high school English teacher” at the end.

I would now like one that contains a pun about the word “sentence”, one that references (either explicitly or more subtly) the Borges story “The Garden of Forking Paths” (which I should read again, because I don’t remember much except the title) – preferably this one will also contain a pun or some other joke of some sort, and one that begins with the phrase “What in the hell.” I’m not sure that last one is possible.

I’m not working on any of this tonight though cuz it’s late and I gotta walk my dog and really above all because that one I wrote made my brain feel tired and knotted.

Question: are garden path sentences paraprosdokians, or just sort of like them?

I finally got a draft of that talk on the common done. I’m not happy with it except the done part. This is as good as it’s gonna be, given my time etc. Say la vee. As they c’est. Read the rest of this entry »

Over time I’ve sort of started fucking around more with the blog, making dumb jokes and so on. That’s cool with me, it can be fun. At the same time, I’ve started to feel like some of the stuff I’ve spent my time on that doesn’t feel like it’s fucking around, like that stuff really is just fucking around. I need to reassess a bit, methinks. Fucking around, great. Not fucking around, great. Trying to do (and initially thinking one is doing) the second while ACTUALLY doing the first, unforgivable. The worst part is when the fucking around and the not-thinking-I’m-fucking-around-when-really-I’m-just-fucking-around eats time for stuff that is genuinely not fucking around and that I genuinely want to engage with. ARGH.

And I still gotta finish that damn post on ch24 of v1 of Capital. ARGH again.

In other news, I’ve started trying to read for enjoyment when taking the bus to work. Weird, eh? I’m rereading If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler again, because once again I find that reading and I are less in love than we used to be (it’s not you, reading, it’s me). This time I’m reading the book out of order – I’m reading the numbered chapters all in a row, then I’m going to go back and re-read the interrupted novel passages all in a row. Then, who knows, maybe read it again cover to cover. Or not.

This old post over at Jim’s music blog reminded me that I want to write about singing to my daughter. Jim’s post is about the Dismemberment Plan. Despite the fact that I don’t have their first record – actually, I don’t even know how many records they have, I have two of them – I consider them one of my favorite bands. I love how off-kilter the music is, and yet strangely no off-kilter. I love the dissonance, and I love the melodies, and I love how sometimes the dissonance resolves into melodies and sometimes it doesn’t. I also love the singing. I sometimes sing “Life of Possibilities” to my daughter. Read the rest of this entry »

During my baby induced blogging hiatus I thought a lot about the blog, in part because the blog is a bit of a habit and stopping or suspending a habit usually leads me to think about (but only sometimes to reflect on) that habit. One of the things I thought I’d like to do is to write regularly about parenting. I’ve gotten more comfortable over time talking about my personal life and so on here but remain a bit hesitant for whatever reason. Anyway, I want write more about being a dad. For now the plan is to sometimes just set a fifteen minute timer (literally if necessary) and free write about parenting. Read the rest of this entry »

One of these days when I finally feel like I’m ahead of the curve on at least some of the things I have on my plate (and when I’ve stopped mixing my metaphors) I’d like to work up some of the following. And so, notes to self. Read the rest of this entry »